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Hi everyone, after a lot of hard work we’ve got some exciting new features to share!

Requesting feedback from your own domain is often seen as a priority because at the end of the day your customer wants to leave feedback about you and doesn’t know who Testimonial Monkey are. It’s also important for your brand as it’s your feedback we’re collecting here.

After a lot of head scratching and trying to figure out how we could deliver this amazing feature we’ve had an idea which has proven to work with our sample group! All we ask is you setup an email address of “” and via our Sending sub-tab (within Account / Preferences) you can provide our system with the details it needs.

Once setup all of your requests will be sent from this address with the friendly name of “Company Name Customer feedback”.

We’re making some big changes to our response pages and looking at introducing split testing for our subject titles to help our customers get better response rates.

So drop us a line today or sign up for a free trial!

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Hello! I'm the lead developer / systems architect at Testimonial Monkey. With Dave we created the company and my job (including making sure the website is running smoothly) is to find new solutions to making it seemless to request, manage, display and share your testimonials!
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