System Updates

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working hard and got some new updates to share with our system.

  • Our Facebook and Twitter integration has been improved, we’re still going to improve it further but we’ve improved the reliability and the integration process.
  • We’ve improved the way we send emails, we’ve made some big changes to help our emails get past SPAM filters and we are talking to Hotmail about becoming a trusted sender. All in all, we’re working to get your emails delivered to your customers inbox.
  • Improved questionnaire module and improvements to the pages where your customers write reviews. These changes make it easier for your customers to review you.
  • Metrics – New feature! Which allows you to get specific star ratings on things like delivery performance (more info coming soon or contact us).
  • Collecting reviews without an email address, we’re working on a printable card that you can give to your customer which contains your unique feedback URL.

An Assortment of CPA Books

Some of the study books I come across are just sheer brilliance. It is clear right from reading the first page that the author knows a plenty about the exam that the book is written for, and often the content written by the author is of a timeless nature, meaning that you could pick the book up in several years and it’s content would still be relevant to your exam.

Some of the books I am referring to can be found in this list of the best CPA review courses. There is not one book in that list that I wouldn’t recommend for one reason or another, and working from any of them will do just grand for your learning program.

In addition to that recommendation, I’d like to mention CPAexcel reviews too for the CPA exam. When it’s a case of a list of books, I will only link to the list if all the recommended resources there are worth your time, and in this case, they absolutely are. The list is good because it helps you to work out which of the books would be a good fit for you, which is important to suit your own learning and way of doing things.

Going into the LSAT exam feeling confident

If you wish to be doing as the title of this article states, then you’d better listen up because in this post I am going to reveal some key information for scoring highly on the LSAT examination. The first thing that I should mention to you is the very real situation that you need to re-assess your daily schedule and try to make some changes to it so that a bit more time is allowed for studying. There is a lot of ground to cover with the exam material, and you will need to be able to have time to revise over that info after you learn it initially too, so make as much spare time as you can because you will need it.

The most noteworthy thing I should mention is the reality that there are a couple of LSAT prep courses that are super hot right now. This means they are getting bought up by lots of students for the simple reason that they are the best. So you should either try Powerscore’s LSAT review, or if you decide that isn’t up to scratch then instead check out Testmaster’s LSAT course. As I said many a student has used those 2 courses with great success and I have no reason so believe that you would be any different.

LSAT Preparation Difficulties

Some candidates of the LSAT examination run into difficulties at varying stages of the exam process. The interesting thing though, is that the solution to these problems is the same for each individual difficulty.

So in this post I want to address the problems and then give the solo solution that removes all the issues.

First issue that some people run into is that they can’t find study materials that are suitable. Here’s a list I found of some good LSAT prep courses on an external site. It’s a nice little site so I suggest you check it out.

The other major difficulty ran into by many studiers of the LSAT is that they find they can’t answer enough of the questions right in the exam. The problem here is a lack of adequate prep and the solution is the same as for the problem that I already talked about – get a decent LSAT learning course and use it until your allowance of internet has been maxed out.

All in all, most LSAT studiers get problems because they do not learn well enough. They don’t know the exam material to a point where they can score high in the exam, but the solution is always the same: work harder.



How To Thrive In The CPA Exam

Thriving in the CPA exam is basically where you know the answers to all the challenges put before you, and you get like a confident sort of smirk coming across your face as you attack those questions one by one. This only happens for a few people, namely the ones who study to the best of their ability and basically use the time that they have to their strongest advantage.

One thing that is crucial to a successful CPA study system is a review course and there is not many (if any) better options than getting a copy of Becker’s CPA review. That is the course that can really drive your knowledge forwards, which is the boost that you need against an exam that has tested and gotten the better of such a great number of exam candidates.

Obviously nobody is holding a gun to your head to pick out the Becker course above any others, but the Becker name is well known in Accounting and it’s a review that a lot of people put their faith in, and they don’t often end up regretting doing so. You can actually see more review courses here to get a better feel for what is on offer:

CIA Steps To Success

Let me give you a few simple pointers for CIA exam success, just to keep you moving forwards with your career as fast as you possibly can.

First thing to do is remember to keep this simple. There are dozens of things you might be able to do as an attempt at achieving success in this exam, but you must just get a strategy and keep to it – no deviating. Why not? Because if you deviate you end up further behind than you were before. You wind up doing less because you have more than one learning strategy.

The one strategy I think you should use is to get the CIA review by Gleim and use that as your study package. This would be super useful because you could then focus solely on it, and not bother with any other learning materials. Thus, you don’t experience any overwhelm and this translates into better productivity. And clearly, with this studying game, better productivity is what it’s all about. If you’ve got that then you are most of the way towards passing!

Just a note: I recommended Gleim simply because they are the company that have been around for ages doing these sorts of reviews and therefore I trust them.


An Enrolled Agent Piece of Advice

On your EA exam, it would be best if you could be able to go into the exam feeling confident. There is certainly an element of truth in the notion that confidence itself can claim you an extra few marks, which may just make all the difference with your eventual grade.

So how can you acquire exam confidence? Essentially you need to learn the EA exam subject really, really thoroughly. This will give you the feeling that you will be able to answer the questions, and that feeling is what we define as confidence.

To learn the EA subject properly, what you will need is a top end review course, and the Fast Forward guide for EA is the one that takes my preference for this exam. Why?

Well it’s an interesting thing, because there are other reviews that seem to be just as good. But with that said, I just like the Fast Forward Academy brand. It is one that has been around for what I reckon is long enough to be given some trust and some faith that it will be a good enough product to help you accomplish what you need to accomplish.


CPA Progression Tips

Today is one of those days where I figured out a small hack that can influence your CPA learning campaign in a positive direction. I came across a resource that I think is trustworthy, and that doesn’t happen every day. Sites like this are quite a rare find because there are so many people clogging up the internet with poor content. Ok so here’s one of the better pages on the site I found:

That page basically gives a simple guide to how CPA excel do things within their review. It seems to be a highly rated review and I won’t start saying the same things as that page says so feel free to click over to there and get the lowdown.

I checked out the whole site and whilst it is all worth a look by you, one other page sticks out in my mind as worth a mention here, which is the Roger CPA review assessment on the site. You may have heard of Roger before and his company’s courses are probably my favorite of all of the available. Reason for this being that there’s elements of humor worked into the content and when you might feel bored during other reviews, this one will keep things interesting.



NCLEX Awesomeness

If you want to prosper in the NCLEX, then there are a few ways that you can go about making it happen. However, pretty much all of these ways revolve around a couple of important cornerstones of exam prep.

The first is to find a decent review guide and I think you should trust Kaplan for the NCLEX. They created what is at the moment the best course around, and you would be lucky to find anything as good as that. Why? Well Kaplan were one of the first to get into this game and their experience seemingly shines through in most of their courses in the form of superiority to other courses.

Speaking of other courses, there are several that you might like to choose from, and some of them are good in places, but none come across so authoritatively as the Kaplan one. If you do want to see the others then the site I just showed you can also enlighten you on the other courses here:

You should try to remember though that owning a course like this only gets you 50% of the way to success. You still have to work extremely hard from its content!

CFA Failure Warning Signs

If CFA exam failure is likely to happen for you or for someone you know, there will be some warning signs that make it clear this will happen. I will tell you what the signs are. That way you can nip them in the bud before they happen, and instead be a CFA success!

First, lack of study time is a clear and obvious sign of projected failure. If you do not do some solid work to learn the CFA content, then you will be very puzzled by the exam questions. This is unacceptable so you need to buck your ideas up and improve lengths of time studied up to 2 hours a day but if you can, more time than that even.

Second, you lack a copy of Wiley’s CFA review. I have friends who swear by that very product for this exam. They said that it’s contents were so accurately made for the exam questions that they couldn’t fail. And it will be the same for you if you study from it.

That said, there are other good enough CFA reviews if you’ve got beef with Wiley, so let me show you a resource that can guide you through them: