Saying goodbye

After 3 years of hard work we’ve decided to call it a day and bring Testimonial Monkey to an end. We’d like thank all of our customers for their support and help in developing our product and we hope we’ve helped their businesses to collect some great feedback.

As of the 1st December we will no longer be running our service and our website will not be available to customers, we’ll contact you all and send you your data (in spreadsheet format, let us know if you would prefer XML) so that you can continue to make the most of the feedback you have worked hard to collect.

Unfortunately due to changes in circumstance and really difficult market conditions we’ve had to bring the service to a close.

We wish all of customers all the best and we hope they have a great Christmas and new year. I’ve decided to work on a new project which I’ll be launching next year so hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of working with you again.

Kind regards
Sam Lad

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System Updates

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working hard and got some new updates to share with our system.

  • Our Facebook and Twitter integration has been improved, we’re still going to improve it further but we’ve improved the reliability and the integration process.
  • We’ve improved the way we send emails, we’ve made some big changes to help our emails get past SPAM filters and we are talking to Hotmail about becoming a trusted sender. All in all, we’re working to get your emails delivered to your customers inbox.
  • Improved questionnaire module and improvements to the pages where your customers write reviews. These changes make it easier for your customers to review you.
  • Metrics – New feature! Which allows you to get specific star ratings on things like delivery performance (more info coming soon or contact us).
  • Collecting reviews without an email address, we’re working on a printable card that you can give to your customer which contains your unique feedback URL.
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Social Media Integration

Hey everyone! Quick update, we’ve got the Twitter integration back up and running again. We’re now working to get Facebook integration back online and we’ll be moving our systems over to a new server later this week! Stay tuned.

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Dodgey review companies

Hi everyone, long time no speak. Been very busy with trying to keep the family in one piece and trying to upgrade our systems to bring them into the new world with all the changes Facebook & Twitter have been making.

Any ways I was working away when I saw the email below drop into my mailbox. Dealing with reviews as we do I was horrified to find there are companies out there that will write fake reviews for companies. That’s just a joke! What’s the point of it? What kind of company would want fake reviews. Well I guess one I would never deal with…

The best way to get good reviews is todo good business, speak to your customers and engage with them. We’ve found it pays off massively to use a 3rd party service to get reviews about your business. We practice what we preach and use GetApp to get reviews about Testimonial Monkey.

Collecting reviews from real customers is easy, why not give our service a go. All you need is your customers email address or to point your customer at your own feedback page.


Got Bad Reviews? Need good Reviews? 

We Post Good Reviews.
We do Reputation Repair.
We do Blog Advertising. 

We do PHP and MYSQL Web development

We can help you defend your company by posting positive Reviews, Blogs and creating Websites to take over Search Results and control what people see about your company.

361-444-3559 for Paid Review Posting Service for Reviews and Reputation Service

How does posting positive reviews help in your businesses Google ranking?

1. Positive reviews increase your business rank by linking important and relevant websites to your website.

2. A constant stream of positive reviews improves your online reputation.

3. Positive reviews drive traffic to your business.

4. Positive reviews restore a tarnished reputation by pushing down negative reviews and links.

5. Helps protect against competitors or anyone else from attempting to run your ranking.

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

We hope you all have a great Christmas period and we wish you all the best for the new year.
Keep in touch in 2013 as we’ve got some really exciting developments, we’ll give you more information next year but let’s just say we’re rethinking our software and are going to make a completely new system for collecting customer feedback. We’re applying to become a Google and Bing approved partner to ensure your reviews are included in Seller Ratings and Google AdWords / Microsoft AdCenter!

Our xmas eCard

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from the Testimonial Monkey Team!

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Requesting feedback from your own domain

Hi everyone, after a lot of hard work we’ve got some exciting new features to share!

Requesting feedback from your own domain is often seen as a priority because at the end of the day your customer wants to leave feedback about you and doesn’t know who Testimonial Monkey are. It’s also important for your brand as it’s your feedback we’re collecting here.

After a lot of head scratching and trying to figure out how we could deliver this amazing feature we’ve had an idea which has proven to work with our sample group! All we ask is you setup an email address of “” and via our Sending sub-tab (within Account / Preferences) you can provide our system with the details it needs.

Once setup all of your requests will be sent from this address with the friendly name of “Company Name Customer feedback”.

We’re making some big changes to our response pages and looking at introducing split testing for our subject titles to help our customers get better response rates.

So drop us a line today or sign up for a free trial!

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The State Of Social Media At Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How Are We Influenced?

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Social Proof Infographic

Social Commerce Psychology of Shoppers

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Social Customer Service [Infographic]

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The Power of Social Trust [Infographic]

The Power of Social Trust - Value of Friend

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6 Ways To Social Proof Your Website

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The Unselfish Reason People Write Online Reviews

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Social Commerce Infographic

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The Power Of Peer Reviews

In Peer Review We Trust: Consumer Reviews vs. Other Ad Tactics

by Flowtown.Browse more infographics.

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Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

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5 Ideas For Quickly Generating Real Customer Testimonials

If everyone else is doing it, it must be worth doing, right? Whether you agree with this statement or not, this sentiment is continuously echoed both consciously and subconsciously in the human psyche. Social proof is one of the primary ways we as humans evaluate the value of virtually everything. From potential mates, to restaurants, to vacation spots, to clothing, to celebrities – if something is generating a lot of interest from other people, we perceive it as valuable and worthy.

The same principle of social proof applies to your product or service. You may have created something truly valuable, but in order for a customer to open their wallet, they need to believe that they’re not your only customer. In other words, you need to demonstrate social proof.

One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate social proof is to display customer testimonials – these are real words from real people describing how much use, value, and/or enjoyment they received from your product or service. Displaying social proof through genuine customer testimonials will increase the conversion rate of your sales page significantly.

But how do you go about gathering quality customer testimonials? Here are 5 ways you can quickly gather real customer testimonials to use on your sales page:

1. Follow Up With Customers After Sales
Contacting customers post-sale is not only a great source of feedback and an opportunity to address any customer concerns, as well as build customer loyalty – it’s also an opportunity to obtain customer testimonials. Try following up with all of your customers 15-30 days after they’ve purchased your product or service. You can do this automatically with an email auto-responder, or for a more personal touch, you can give the customer a phone call.

Ask them if they’re happy with the product/service and if they have any concerns that you can assist them with. If they express their satisfaction with the product, you have a perfect opportunity to ask for a testimonial Given that you’ve just demonstrated exceptional customer service by following up with them after the sale, your chances of obtaining a glowing testimonial will be high.

2. Provide Surveys Or Questionnaires In Exchange For Prizes
Customers may not always want to fill out surveys or questionnaires, but they’re much more likely to do so if you offer prizes. This common technique not only gives you the opportunity to obtain positive customer testimonials, but it’s also an opportunity to gain constructive feedback about your product or service. You can offer the survey/questionnaires through your website, through email, or via social media.

3. Ask Customers To Leave An Online Review
If you’re not comfortable mailing out questionnaires, another way to obtain testimonials is to ask customers to leave you an online review, preferably on a review site that’s popular in your niche. This kills two birds with one stone – it leaves behind a positive customer review that might show up the next time a potential customer searches your company’s name in Google, and it also gives you a testimonial you can use on your website.

4. Use Google Alerts To Monitor Reviews
If you have an exceptional product or service in the age of social media, customers will leave comments and reviews about your business whether you ask them to or not. If you’re already actively monitoring social media channels, you can track positive mentions of your product/service/brand and turn them into customer testimonials.

If you’re not currently managing your social media presence, you can get started with a very simple, free solution – Google Alerts. Once it’s setup, Google Alerts will let you know when your business/product – or any other relevant keywords you specify – are mentioned on the web or on social media. Once Google Alerts is setup, you’ll be notified via email whenever a customer mentions your business, leaves a review, leaves a comment, tweets about your product etc.

This will not only allow you to quickly respond and quash potential public relations disasters by reaching out to dissatisfied customers, it also notifies you of an opportunity to obtain a customer testimonial. Simply reach out to customers who have already left you positive reviews or comments and ask them if you can use their words in a testimonial. If you’d like to use their name or perhaps one of their social media profile pictures in the testimonial, be sure to obtain written permission first.

5. Use 3rd Party Services To Gather Testimonials For You
If you’re too busy or you have little experience running a campaign for customer testimonials, there are also 3rd party services you can use to quickly and easily obtain genuine customer testimonials. These services can integrate with your website, email list, and/or social media to gather testimonials from your past customers.

Whatever method you choose, authentic testimonials are an effective way of overcoming buyer resistance and building trust. If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate and you don’t have customer testimonials on your sales page, try some or all of the techniques above to gather testimonials and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

Author Bio:
Nat is a blogger and SEO for WhoIsHostingThis – an Alexa top 10k web property. Nat’s writing focuses primarily on search engine marketing, social media, and technology.

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Improving our delivery rates using PostmarkApp

The logo for PostmarkApp

Here at Testimonial Monkey we are always striving to improve our service. We believe that as awesome as our product is there is always room for improvement. We’ve been listening to our customers and you’ve been telling us that the request emails are being flagged up as spam messages which is damaging the chances of your customers seeing the emails.

We’ve been doing some research and we’ve learned that this is a common problem for anyone sending out emails. It appears to be an industry in it’s own right and we’re well aware that we’re not experts at sending emails. PostmarkApp have caught our attention and are specialists at ensuring emails are delivered into inboxes rather than spam folders. We’ve teamed up with PostmarkApp to improve the delivery rates of our request emails!

There’s no need to change anything or opt in, as a test 65% of the request emails are being sent using PostmarkApp and we’ll monitor the response rates to see what improvement this has!

We’re always looking to improve our response rates, we’ve set ourselves the first target of 40% response rates for Testimonial requests! Ambitious but we think achievable.

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Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust

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3 Steps to Building Your Reputation

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How Testimonial Monkey Works

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Social Media and the power shift between consumers and brands

Custumer service has come a long way, particularly since the advent of new technologies. In recent years, a large number of brands have found in social media an effective way of managing customer relationships and providing personalised solutions when things go wrong.

According to a recent report released by leading social media monitoring firm Brandwatch, 2012 has seen some successful examples of UK brands that use social media to resolve customer complaints and improve their reputation among consumers. This is an undoubtedly appropriate strategy, since according to recent surveys, there has been a shift in the way customers prefer to communicate with companies when it comes to resolving complaints. According to Slough-based web hosting firm 1&1, approximately 47 per cent of consumers interviewed stated that they prefer to deal with queries and complaints online (1&1 Internet, 2011).

So what are Brandwatch’s findings? Here’s a detailed summary of the latest trends concerning customer service and social media.

Resolving complaints online: the winners and what makes them successful

For the purposes of this study, Brandwatch analysed 40 of the foremost UK brands, including companies in sectors are diverse as retail, telecommunications, and travel services. The study examined which brands were better rated by customers in terms of responsiveness to online complaints.

The top five best rated brands were John Lewis, Waitrose, B&Q, American Express, and Groupon. On the other end of the scale, customers rated poorly a number of telecommunications brands, like Virgin Media, Talk Talk, and Vodafone.

What factors influenced customers’ positive perception of the leading five brands?

According to the study, these brands have high visibility on two of the most popular social media: Facebook and Twitter. Four of the five top brands posted on their preferred social media at least five times a day, therefore increasing their visibility and availability to customers.

Being present on social media is not enough, as customers demand performance and responsiveness. In this respect, John Lewis was found to provide the fastest personalised responses to customer queries, with an average tweet time of 3 hours and 23 minutes. Travel deal website Groupon made it to the top five thanks to its high rates of responsiveness, as the brand replied to 88 per cent of Facebook posts and enquiries.

The shift in power

Social media has undoubtedly levelled the playing field between consumers and brands. A disgruntled consumer now wields more power than ever with social sharing allowing a bad customer experience to go viral in a matter of hours. Such is the case of Suzy McLeod, who left a message on RyanAir’s facebook wall complaining about her €300 charge to print out five boarding passes which she had forgot to do herself. It didn’t take long for the angry mob to form, with Suzy’s message receiving nearly 400,000 ‘likes’ and 20,000 comments.

It’s worth remembering that it’s not just bad costumer service that can go viral. Virgin used social media to amplify their brand image when they launched Virgin America in the United States. Social costumer service was at the centre of this, with the airline using it’s Twitter account to diligently deal with any positive or negative mentions directed towards thebrand. It’s integrated and open approach to customer service across all channels has won them many fans, but it’s the power of social media that helped this success.

Tim Aldiss writes for Brandwatch, the sentiment monitoring people. For more information on the report click here.


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Website Reviews

Website ReviewsWebsite reviews can make the process of converting website visitors into loyal customers far easier by increasing your online reputation and trust.  One of the questions we often get asked is what should you do with all the testimonials once you’ve collected them?

Your hosted company profile page is great for keeping all your reviews in one place and is another great way for people to find you online, however it makes sense to display your reviews where they will do the most good – on your own website.

Do website reviews really matter?

We believe that adding customer reviews to your website makes a lot of sense and we therefore provide a number of tools to help you to integrate your feedback so that it seamlessly matches the look and feel of your own website.  As well as increasing consumer confidence, website reviews can also provide generate additional traffic due to the constant stream of unique user generated content.  As these reviews are in the customers natural language they not only resonate more with other potential shoppers, website reviews also contain long tail keywords which will often be much easier to rank for.

Why not try one of these customer satisfaction badges to show the world that you deliver top notch service to your much loved customers…

We collect reviews with Testimonial Monkey
We collect reviews with Testimonial Monkey

Optimized with InboundWriter
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6 Great Tips For Collecting Customer Testimonials

Any online company worth its salt knows the power of placing testimonials on their website. This is a section where you print the comments of satisfied customers. As over 90% of prospective customers trust the word of someone they know and approximately 75-80% of online consumers look at customer reviews before making a purchase, it’s clear that showcasing the positive experiences of your consumer base on your website is an excellent tool. Below are six great tips to help you when it comes to gathering customer testimonials.

1 – Use Believable Testimonials

The power of testimonials is completely diminished by comments which look like they have been written by a representative of the company. You’re probably aware of what a ‘suspicious’ testimonial looks like. It contains a blurry picture of someone smiling and only contains their first name or a made up name like John Smith.

Instead of ludicrous sounding testimonials, use real customer quotes that show how your company helped them out in a difficult situation. Add the customer’s location to a clear photograph. Remember, you don’t have to use EVERY testimonial. Avoid ones that sound downright odd as poorly written testimonials could hurt your business. Try and correct these testimonials and risk altering them beyond recognition.

2 – Update Constantly

Even the best testimonials need to be changed eventually. Depending on your business, it is possible that the testimonials look outdated. By leaving them on your website, you are suggesting that either the site is not being maintained or else you have no more positive customer experiences to tell. Take some time out to go through your list of testimonials and gradually make alterations as and when necessary. A website that contains up to date testimonials looks like a reputable business.

3 – Continue Collecting

In order to be in a position to alter testimonials, you need to be continuously collecting them. It is possible to receive positive customer experiences in a variety of ways. For example, you can copy any compliments received by consumers online or use a letter from a grateful customer. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with regular customers to ask them if they are pleased with the service. Use any glowing praise they give. In most cases, customer conversations are an untapped goldmine. Don’t expect testimonials to come your way, start searching!

4 – Seeking Permission

This is perhaps the most obvious step but is one that is overlooked by a surprising number of businesses. Maybe it’s because they are so busy but companies often use the testimonials of customers without asking prior permission. It is easy to assume that a delighted customer would have no problem letting the world know how he feels but you must never be presumptuous. This is especially the case if you intend on adding company information relating to the customer. Failing to ask permission could actually end up costing you customers so be careful!

5 – Search Your Own Backyard

When you are out searching for testimonials, don’t overlook your own website. After all, this is where the best details of your products are and is the place where most customers will come to compliment your services or complain. No matter how good your company’s products/services are, there will always be complaints but hopefully, there will be enough positive comments to use in your testimonial page. If your website doesn’t allow consumers to make comments, get it fixed immediately.

6 – Use Incentives

As much as we would love for all satisfied customers to freely admit their joy at the services provided by our companies, the reality is that a gentle nudge may be required. You could offer a discount, free shipping, a free gift or membership into an exclusive club in return for their testimonials. Assuming you have the email address of at least some of your clients, you can send them emails asking for positive testimonials and offer a star prize to the best one. It’s important to remember that you’re not rewarding them for the testimonial; you are paying them for their time.

The customer testimonial is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of any website. When visitors see an ever-changing testimonials page filled with glowing praise, they immediately feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Article written by Sara Carter. I like social networks, Google android,  mac security software and psychology. I’m interested in IT services, computer upgrades, computer repair, different computer apps. Love travelling and skiing.

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Twitter Showdown: @JasonPromotesU vs @KateNasser

Twitter Showdown JasonPromotesU vs KateNasser

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